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High Quality and Great Tasting Whey and Plant Protein Powders at Affordable Prices.



100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Sports Supplements for Greater Results and Recovery.

Our Mission

Everyone has a fitness goal, whether it be lifting that max rep, beating the clock in a workout or being faster on the track. Here at Tuff Supps we know the value of hard work and what is needed to achieve those goals. Tuff Supps was created for you, to give you that bit of Tuff, that’s needed to achieve your goals.

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Grass Fed Whey Protein Powders

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$7 Flat Rate to anywhere in Australia

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Your choice, our promise

At Tuff Supps we guarantee the best quality Whey Protein Powder available on the market, our Whey Protein Powder is sourced from grass fed dairy cows made available through a world-leading, quality controlled supply chain. Tuff Supps Whey Protein Powder is then blended under the strictest quality controlled conditions with high quality natural flavours.

Tuff Supps Sports Supplements are pharmaceutical graded Supplements, we guarantee the purest and most tested sports supplements available on the market. Our Sports Supplements are sourced from trusted suppliers that must meet Tuff Supps stringent regulations for consumer confidence.

We at Tuff Supps guarantee our Whey Protein Powders and Sports Supplements are of the highest standard and meet sporting regulations.



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