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How we started


Tuff Supps was born out of a desire to provide the best quality world-class nutritional supplements to all those who train hard - from the beginner to the elite athlete. We personally know what it is like to work hard and see the rewards of our efforts and how supplements can help us to achieve our training goals.


We understand that we have a responsibility to ensure that our products are sourced from trusted suppliers who provide ingredients that are safe and scientifically researched and proven.


Why Tuff Supps?


Tuff Supps is 100% Australian owned and committed to providing products free from unnecessary artificial flavours or sweeteners and unwanted fillers.


Our guarantee is that our products do work and we provide them at a price that allows anyone who is serious about their training to have available nutritional sports supplements that will take you to the next level. We can assure you at Tuff Supps our quality control is of the highest standard in order to give our customers the best product on the market.

"I found Tuff Supps Wpi perfect for my supplement plan, I use it as post workout shake and mid arvo shake. Chocolate flavour is smooth and you can taste that it is a clean protein powder with no fillers. I live in Adelaide, I ordered it and received it on my door step within a few days. Thanks guys"


Recreational bodybuilder

“I use Tuff Supps Glutamine supplement because its great for muscle recovery and their Creatine helps with muscle stamina during long training sessions. It’s good to see a reliable product on the market at a reasonable price"


Received an American College tennis scholarship in 2014

Open Men’s National Australian ranking of 164

Singles Finalist – Bathurst Gold AMT

Special Men’s doubles Champion - Sawtell RSL

Open Men’s singles Champion - Seaside NSW Clay

“Tuff Supps Natural Whey Protein Isolate is perfect for my training routine, its practically got no fat or carbs and mixes well in my shakes. I also supplement Tuff Supps L-Carnitine into my diet which I believe is one of the best fatburners on the market. I would recommend their sports supplements to any female athlete who are looking for a professional product with great results”


Amateur Kickboxer and avid Crossfitter