Creatine Monohydrate

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  • Tuff Supps creatine monohydrate helps gain strength and increase stamina during physical stress (exercise). This supplement restores the body’s ATP stores which is the energy the body uses for muscular contractions. Creatine Monohydrate is the best known and most researched supplement on the market, this product has been tested under strict conditions yielding no known side effects to the body.


    At Tuff Supps our creatine monohydrate is sourced from Creapure®. Creapure® is the world’s leading creatine monohydrate supplier, based in Germany this supplement is produced under the strictest conditions in a GMP (good manufacturing practise) facility. Creapure® is known for its quality and purity giving the consumer a product that is more effective with greater safety.




    Many studies have gone into how to supplement creatine into your diet. At tuff supps we recommend a loading phase at the beginning of the supplement cycle. Taking 5x 5g a day for 7 days, then taking 5g either in the morning or before a workout, then 5g directly after a workout for maximum results. Take supplement for approxmently 3 months then cycle off for a month and repeat.