Our Story

Tuff Supps was created out of a desire to help people achieve their goals, whether in health, lifestyle or performance. We believe that all natural protein supplementation not only positively impacts performance but also health and lifestyle. Tuff Supps aims to lead the way in natural, authentic and clean supplements that deliver both nutrition and taste.

Our Promise

Great Taste and Texture

Made with nothing but real ingredients, Tuff Supps products are delicious and best in class, delivering superior consistency and texture.

Our Promise


Tuff Supps is committed to supporting our growing community in achieving their goals in health, lifestyle and fitness.

Our Promise

Australian Made

All of our whey products are home grown, and made in Australia from Australian ingredients, supporting our dairy farmers and eliminating the need to import whey products from other countries. 

Our Promise

Quality, All Natural Ingredients

Free from unnecessary additives or fillers, Tuff Supps products utilise simple, natural ingredient profiles to deliver clean supplements with nothing artificial added. All of our products are formulated in line with guidance from the latest research and development, utilising